2 min readMondello, the City of Crystal Blue Sea has My LEAST FAVOURITE Beach Around Palermo

2 min readMondello, the City of Crystal Blue Sea has My LEAST FAVOURITE Beach Around Palermo

September 21, 2017 0 By gim

Mondello is a little posh town located in Southern Italy. The fact that this little posh town is a 10 minutes drive from the centre of the Capital City – Palermo, makes it one of the most visited destinations for tourists – and locals too.

Mondello Beach

In Mondello, you would find luxurious villas and cute old houses dating back to 100 centuries or more. There is a popular notion that many rich Italians who live in Palermo simply go to Mondello during summer to relax at their villas – which is a stone throw from the sea.

Mondello is at its peak during summer with an influx of tourists coming to vacay by the sea. A lot of restaurants and commercial relaxation area are opened by the shore at this period.

Temporary Road Side Fruits Shop

During Summer, you will find more people at the beach and in town. The weekends and public holidays are the most busy days. It is almost impossible to easily find a spot on the public area of the beach if you don’t want to pay for a space in the commercialised area.

Where is My Favourite Place in Mondello?

While heading towards the beach, close to the round about, there is a Gelateria (Ice cream shop) I love. I will suggest the ‘Brioscia’ (bread) with biscotto, nutella and banana gelato (ice cream). It is one of the best combinations I have liked since my ice cream trials in Sicily.

What do I think about Mondello?

Well, you can find free car parking areas in the streets, close to the beach. But it is my least favourite beach around Palermo. The shorelines are messed up with lumps of dried seaweeds and you can seldom find nasty things in the. Capaci and Isola delle Femmine have cleaner shorelines and water, so I prefer these places – even with 1 Euros per hour car parking charge.

Asides its crystal blue sea, old bathhouse, luxurious villas, exclusive clubs and great summer nightlife, Mondello has really nothing more to offer. So if you plan to visit Mondello, do so during summer.

Old Bath House

Old Bath House



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