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Milan, My New Home

March 3, 2017

Six months ago, I took a courageous step – quit my job and said goodbye to my loved ones to pursue a dream I had stalled for three years!

Many friends ask, why Milan?  ”I wanted a place where I could experience a totally different and new culture – in terms of lifestyle and especially language”. It’s the only reasonable reason without going into supernatural talks like, I felt a calling.

Did I overthink if I made the right decision? Of course I did. I thought, what if I can’t cope with the new environment? How do I communicate at the supermarket? Order a meal? Ask for directions when I’m lost?

I can remember vividly my first day in Milan. When I landed at the Malpensa Airport, the signages were different (in Italian). I went through the wrong door, I walked in circles, I felt frustrated and embarrassed.

Sitting in the Taxi and looking out the window, I thought, where is everybody? Why is it so quiet? I lived in Lagos all my life, I was used to living live in the fast lane and seeing a lot of people.

The first three days in Milan, I couldn’t go more than 500 meters from my hotel. I stayed indoors, studying basic words and phrases, studying the map, translating information from Italian to English.

Even when I thought I had it right, I still took the wrong buses, went in the wrong direction, spent two hours on a thirty minutes trip.

I had to settle for meals I didn’t like because I couldn’t communicate what I really wanted. Spent 3-5 hours shopping for groceries – translating ingredients.

Oh! So many times I wanted to pack my bags and just go back home, to where I felt comfortable and used to. I kept telling myself, it’s just a matter of time, you will be back home.

Not until I decided to treat Milan like home, did I start to feel more at ease.

Perhaps you just moved to a new city and you feel lost, just give it time, that feeling won’t last forever – it will get better.

Times makes it better, I can tell from experience.


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