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2 min readA Day Trip From Milan To Travo in Emilia Romagna Region

September 29, 2017
Castello e borgo fortificato di Travo

If you are a lover of countrysides and serenity, you had love Travo. This little town, nestled up the hills in Emilia Romagna region is one and a half hour drive away from Milan.

Travo is best known for Agricultural Tourism (called Agriturismo in Italian) and hiking. You can find a list of Agriturismo centres in Travo here.

Castello e borgo fortificato di Travo
Castello e borgo fortificato di Travo.

I spent a day in the beautiful town of Travo in March. It made me feel I was a character in one of ‘Sydney Sheldon’s” novels set in the country side.

Travo Oldest Building
Travo Oldest Building.
I took this picture of one of the oldest buildings in the town, standing on the bridge that connects the town to the rest of the city, and under which flows river Trebbia.

I spent the afternoon hiking. And I was at La Madre Pietra for dinner. I paid a fixed price of 25 Euros for first dish, second dish along with desserts and wine.

The town is a perfect spot for connecting with nature and having a quiet time, away from civilisation and busy Milan.

I also had the chance to witness a concert that held once in a year at the farm. There were tutors that lead visitors in Irish dance while the band played.

Some Attractions in Travo include:

  • Pietra Perduca Trail (Hiking Trails)
  • Parco Archeologico (Park)
  • Poggio Agriturismo (Wineries & Vineyards)
  • Museo Civico Archeologico (History Museums)
  • Sentiero 101 (Hiking Trails)

Sadly, there are no trains connecting the town to Milan, hence the only way to get there is by car. There is isn’t much to see in the town, but it makes a great getaway and day trip from Milan for lovers of quietness and nature.


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