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March 9, 2017

A friend told me, you don’t have to spend a fortune to travel – you don’t have to go bankrupt. All you need to do is to search the best deals online, make a budget and stick to it!

Following this advice, at the spur of the moment, I decided to take a day trip to Torino. Yes, I operate impulsively most times! Just like in the case of my trip to Paris.

Since Torino is just about two hours away (by bus) from Milan, I could go and return the same day. And in 13 hours, I did a lot! I wish although, I had spent more days in Torino, the city charmed me!

Leaving Milan at 6.12 am, I arrived at Vittorio Emanuele, Torino by 8.00 am. Entering through the north of the city, I fell in love immediately with the white mountains that stood like a painting from far off and the picturesque of the city.

The city was quiet and still asleep. Few cars and people were on the road, also because it was a Sunday. The houses at the northern part of the city are built in similar clusters and modern – no anciently carved balconies or windows.

Take a look at some of my favourite pictures and videos from my trip and places I visited – like The Cinema Museum and Egyptian Museum. I took hundreds of pictures but only the my favourites will be posted here.

Statue of the first king of Italy who ruled from 1861 to his death in 1878 – Vittorio Emmanuele I
Great Synagogue of Torino
Parcheggio Vittorio Park
Parcheggio Vittorio Park
View of Vittorio Emmanuele I Bridge from Parcheggio Vittorio Park
The streets are very spacious and the roads broad.
View of River Po from up the Bridge
One of the Statues on the Bridge of Vittorio Emmanuele I
A close up shot of an Elephant drawing on Murazzi
A better view of the Murazzi surrounding River Po


The Murazzi are the landings, the arches and the remittances of the boats located on the west bank of the Po , near the historic center of Turin.

There is a story about the Murazzi on the bridge.
Piazza Vittorio Veneto

There are a handful of bars and restaurants at the square. I had toast, cotto e formaggio and Labuccino (coffee) at Labs (a restaurant). I loved the toast especially!

A selfie on the bridge of River Po
Gran Madre di Dio, Turin (Great Mother of God, Turin) – A Church
The view from up the stairs of Great Mother of God, Turin.

From here, I could sight the tip of the Cinema Museum – the thin long mast like structure. Can you see it as well in the picture?

The National Cinema Museum

I visited The National Cinema Museum. Getting in was not a piece of cake. I had to queue for 2 hours as the line was very long. The total cost of ticket for The National Museum, to go up the tower (by elevator) and visit the museum is 14 Euros. .

Mole Antonelliana. It  houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, and is the tallest museum in the world!
Story of the Mole Antonelliana – at the entrance
Architectural layout of Mole Antonelliana
An Image of the founder of National Cinema Museum – Maria Andriana Prolo
View from the top of Mole Antonelliana
Inside the Cinema Museum
A model of a scene from Jurassic Park (Movie) at the Cinema Museum
A sample of SuperMan’s Cape at the Cinema Museum
Inside the Cinema Museum
Replicas of Helmets and Armours of some Super Heroes at Cinema Museum
Inside the Cinema Museum
The Cinema Museum
Inside the Cinema Museum
The Cinema Museum
Inside the Cinema Museum – Recognise these super heroes?
Inside the Cinema Museum – recognise this head?

Next stop was the famous Egyptian Museum. I found some things here horrific – the skeletons, dried dead bodies and the mummies.

Museo delle Antichità Egizie

The Museo delle Antichità Egizie is the only museum apart from the Cairo Museum that is dedicated solely to Egyptian art and culture.

A personal digital guide at the Egyptian Museum

The are three options to choose on the digital guide. A complete tour, short tour or a family tour. This three tours take different time to complete.

Immagine Vivente (Living Image)
Testimonies from the funerary chapels of the 18th dynasty

One of my favorite paintings – a dancer in an acrobatic position.

The Chapel of Maya
The Middle Coffin of Kha
Kha’s Bed
Kha’s Tunic

Just incase you are wondering you Kha is. A lot of items were discovered in his coffin, many of which are present at the Egyptian Museum, Turin.  Kha was an important foreman at Deir El-Medina. He was responsible for projects constructed during the reigns of 3 kings: Amenhotep II, Thutmose IV and Amenhotep III respectively.

Torino is a green city and a place for people who love serenity like me. I will definitely visit some other time.

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